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Paid Research Studies and Focus Groups

focus-groupI was contacted last July by a person who works for a research and focus group firm. They have an office near where we live. Her email said,

I’m emailing you because I’d like to invite you to join our participant database to be notified of future paid research studies and focus groups. We pay $75 per hour for folks to come to our office and provide feedback on upcoming products and concepts. I send out emails to participants a few times a month notifying them of opportunities to take part in a paid study. (Most research studies are 60-90 minutes long.) Using our participants’ great feedback, we help companies create better user experiences for their products and interfaces.

We are always looking for participants of all ages, including children!

I forwarded the email to my wife, who filled out their online survey for herself and our son. So, guess who earned $75 for participating in a focus group this past weekend? Our 13 year old son. I have no idea of what he was asked to test. And since I assume he signed a non-disclosure agreement, I’m not even going to ask.

I have participated in paid research/focus groups in the past. In some, I was asked to accomplish certain tasks using new software. In others, I was asked what I thought of some piece of tech hardware. Eventually the requests for me to participate in these paid focus groups dried up. I am sure the focus group companies do not want to use participants who are trying to make a profession out of it.

Anyway, our son had a lot of fun, and is raring to do it again. We will have to see of the focus group company wants to use him again. If nothing else, he earned $75 for giving his opinion, and for a 13 year old, that is awesome!

Have you ever participated in paid research/focus groups?