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These are some of the personal finance sites that I follow.

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance – How to Earn Money Online – 5 Jobs For Seniors and Retirees March 23, 2017

Bargain Babe – Thursday Freebies-Free 3 Issues of Highlights Magazine March 23, 2017

Buck Inspire – New Job Search? ZipRecruiter It! February 22, 2017

Can I Retire Yet – A Strong Marriage in Retirement March 19, 2017

Cash Money Life – How to Create a Retirement Plan – Simple Tips to Get Started and Stay on Track February 17, 2017

Clever Dude – Money Tips for Your Next Road Trip March 23, 2017

Club Thrifty – Debitize Review: Earn Points and Miles Without the Debt March 22, 2017

Debt Roundup – Should I Turn Off My A/C To Save More Money? March 23, 2017

Done by Forty – Financial Resolutions March 6, 2017

Evolving Personal Finance – Targeted Savings for the Non-Broke March 20, 2017

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet – How Adding a New Driver Can Affect Your Car Insurance December 3, 2016

Financial Nerd – Best POS & Credit Card Systems for Property Management February 22, 2017

Financial Samurai – Life Insurance Needs When Having A Baby March 22, 2017

Free From Broke – What is a Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL) and is it Worth It? February 27, 2017

Frugal Confessions – Last Year We Claimed Medical Tax Deductions. It Could Happen to You as Well! March 20, 2017

Frugal Rules – 6 Quick and Simple Ways to Get Ahead at Work March 22, 2017

Getting a Rich Life – Taking over the stock market at a young age September 2, 2016

KrantCents – Spring is a Good Time to Get Finances in Order March 15, 2017

Life and My Finances – Top 5 Podcasts for Digging Out of Debt March 22, 2017

Living Rich Cheaply – Good Thing I’m a Bad Stock Picker! March 15, 2017

Luke1428 – How to Get Out of Debt and Win in Five Simple Steps March 13, 2017

Make Money Your Way – Investing 101. Get ready for your financial future February 10, 2017

Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses – Episode 99: Listener Series – How to Budget for a Road Trip Across America March 23, 2017

Modest Money – Revisiting The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville March 23, 2017

Money Beagle – Perspective: Attending Pediatric Physical Therapy March 23, 2017

Money Life and More – 5 Reasons We Don’t Keep Separate Finances After Marriage March 23, 2017

Money Q&A – Why a Financial Blueprint Can Give You Financial Freedom March 22, 2017

Monster Piggy Bank – A comprehensive guide to enhancing your credit score March 20, 2017

my dollar plan – Do Your Kids Need to File Taxes? March 23, 2017

my journey to millions – How Investors May Misuse Target Date Funds March 22, 2017

Novel Investor – The Many Faces of Value March 22, 2017

Oblivious Investor – iShares Core Allocation ETFs vs. Vanguard’s LifeStrategy Funds March 20, 2017

One Cent at a Time – Money Management Through the Eyes of a Boy Scout March 22, 2017

Prairie Eco-Thrifter – Should You Accept Family Money? March 23, 2017

Retire by 40 – Create Systems to Accomplish Your Goals March 23, 2017

so over this – Why Millennials Should Start Investing Now – It’s Not as Hard as You Think March 8, 2017

Sprout Wealth – 5 Work-From-Home Business Ideas for Moms September 12, 2016

Squirrelers – 7th Anniversary of Squirrelers! March 16, 2017

Suburban Finance – Do You Tip House Painters? March 20, 2017

The Chicago Financial Planner – Understanding Your Bond Fund’s Duration March 19, 2017

The Frugal Toad – How to Get the Best Value When Buying a Timeshare Property March 13, 2017

Untemplater – What’s your persuasion IQ? March 20, 2017

Wealth Informatics – Strider bike review: Is a balance bike worth the money for a toddler? October 7, 2015

Wade Pfau’s Retirement Researcher Blog – What Is Style Drift and Can It Be Avoided? March 21, 2017

Wise Bread – Best Money Tips: What to Stockpile By the Month March 23, 2017

Your Personal Finance Pro – How to Get Financially Fit by Summer March 23, 2017

Save and Conquer – Check Your Receipt and Count Your Change February 2, 2015

If you blog about personal finance and want to get added to my list, please leave a Comment or use the “Contact” page. Thanks.  🙂

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