Listings for Week of July 6, 2008

Our article, How to Tell a Customer What They Need, was listed in the Carnival of Personal Finance: American Flag Edition. As is typical, there were lots of great posts in the carnival. Several that I liked were

  • The Extreme Hypermiling Guide: 450+ Tips to Increase Your Miles Per Gallon and Save Gas at Go Green Travel Green. This is a monstrous compilation of hypermiling articles and links. One of the sites linked to is mentioned below in the Money Hacks Carnival.
  • Inexpensive Summer Fun for Kids at the Family Wallet. More tools for kid play. My wife makes sure that there are water pistols in the back yard play chest that do not look like guns. They look like alligators and such. Back yard camp outs are also great.
  • Could You Go Cashless? at a Dollar a Day. I know I couldn’t. As mentioned in the post, they don’t take plastic at the farmer’s market.

Our article, How Long Can I Keep My Motorcycle Going, was listed in the Festival of Frugality: Bare Necessities Edition. Some of the articles that struck my fancy in this interesting festival were

  • 75 Tips to Survive a Down Economy at Frugal Dad. Lots of money-saving ideas. (Many of which we have practiced for years.)
  • What Makes Kids Happy? at Financial Reflections. My wife’s friend labeled out son inertia boy. He might whine when we suggest going out and doing something like bicycling, but then he says he had a great time. Like most all kids, spending time with them is most important and it doesn’t really have to cost anything.
  • What to do in the school holidays? at Journeyer’s Chronicles. This is another good post about letting kids just play and use their imagination. Often those times are the best. My wife often lets our son and his cousins go into the back yard for some good, old fashioned play.

Our article, Temper, Temper…, was listed in the Money Hacks Carnival #19 – Personal Finance Destinations. Pinyo, who runs the festival had to fill in at the last minute. He did a great job. Some of the posts that I liked were

  • Hypermiling 101 posted at Christian Personal Finance Blog. There are tons of hypermiling posts these days but this is a pretty good one where some of the more-prevalent techniques are critiqued.
  • Holiday Planning Made Easy For the Unorganized posted at Frugality In the Making. My wife typically gets all the Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she hasn’t already started. She also makes Christmas cards by hand and has them ready to go several months in advance. I, on the other hand, need the kick in the butt that articles like this give me.

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