Our son decided today that he was feeling hot after being on the playground, so he trimmed some of his hair while sitting in the back of his first grade class. He may have been showing off to some of his buddies, he won’t say. He had been asking to grow his hair out, but after his self trim, my wife had to get out the electric clippers and buzz him. At least he shouldn’t feel as hot.

She normally gives him his haircuts, and she is actually quite good at it. She bought a Conair haircut clipper kit from Target around 6 years ago for $15. I think our son has had a professional cut twice in his life.

I have not asked my wife cut my hair, mostly because she keeps threatening to buzz it all off, but if she promises to leave a little on top, I will ask her to cut mine. I am not sure what nice thing I can do for her in return, but it will save us around $17 per month.