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I am physically farsighted and can see everything crystal clear if it is an arms length or further away. Things start to go blurry as they get closer than that. I used to be 20-20, but age has caught up with me.

This loss of focus is not macular degeneration, because I have not lost central vision. Rather, this is just age-related farsightedness (presbyopia) where my eye lenses have lost some of their flexibility. This is very common.

It is so common that reading glasses to correct this have been available for centuries. So, it was off to Walgreens. They have several kiosks full of reading glasses of different corrective power and size and shape. I put on a pair of +1.50 glasses and looked at a reading sample. Wow! Crystal clear. I got a pair of rimless flex-hinge glasses for under $20. It was well worth it. I can now read books at a comfortable distance.

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    1. Hi femmefrugality, I hadn’t thought to look at the dollar store. I suppose I could have gotten reading glasses for less. Thanks for the tip.

  1. Four years ago, I blamed the computer for what I thought was macular degeneration especially after something about it has been advertised on television repeatedly. Then my eye doctor told me, my eyes are fine but my age is not (ouch!) therefore the need to use reading eyeglasses. Am I the lucky one or what because our local government hands out free reading eyeglasses to locals who are 45 years old and above every summer so I get to have a new pair every year.

    1. Hi Jen, That’s great that you can get new reading glasses for free every year.

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  2. You’re lucky to have had such great vision for so long! I have terrible eyes, as does most of my family. Since I was a child I needed glasses with a stronger prescription than those Walgreen glasses. I always envied how cheaply people with slight vision challenges can get by. Glad to hear you’ve found a solution to your vision challenges.

    1. Hi WalletDoctor, I’m sorry your eyesight has been “terrible.” Luckily we live in a time when, at the very least, we can obtain good corrective glasses. Beyond that, my wife had laser surgery done on her eyes around ten years ago. She wore glasses all the time before that. She has not needed glasses ever since, although I have noticed that she has begun to squint to see things clearly. It may be time for her to see an optometrist again.

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    1. Hi Kurt, I think you’re correct that it will eventually happen to all of us. Good to hear that your long distance vision is good.

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