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plumberOur washing machine drain backed up last weekend and created a minor flood in the garage. My wife moved the stuff that could get damaged away from the water and then told me about the problem. I looked at it and figured it would take a power snake to clean out the drain pipe.

Some years ago, we had this drain pipe that’s located in the garage snaked the last time it backed up. Another clogged drain incident in the kitchen forced me to go to the tool rental place and run a power snake through the main drain line to clear the house and toilet drains — something I hoped to never do again.

When I saw all the water on the garage floor, I quickly calculated in my head that I could save around $50 if I snaked the garage line myself. I immediately decided against doing that because I just didn’t want to get down and dirty with all the stuff that you will typically find in a main drain pipe.

So, my wife got on Yelp and looked for a 5-star plumber. She found a local plumber and gave him a call. This was mid-Saturday morning. She left a message, hoping they would call back.

A short time later, someone called saying they would be at our house at around 3:00 PM. At 3:00 PM, she received a text message that the plumber would be late, because the previous work was taking a lot more effort than originally thought. We shrugged and waited.

The plumber eventually showed up with a helper at 6:00 PM. We were a bit upset that they were 3 hours late, but this was a Saturday, after all. We were happy that anyone showed up.

When the plumber talked to my wife, he said he would take 50% off our bill for being so late. He did all the snaking and cleared the drain. He also said we had a 60-day warranty against any clogging on that line. If it clogs in the next 60 days, they will come back and re-snake it.

After having them move the washer out and then back in, as well as running their power snake down the drain as far as it would go, we decided to pay the plumbers their full bill of $95, which is actually very cheap for a plumber on the weekend.

We now understand why these guys were so highly rated on Yelp. They did what we wanted, and were prepared to charge us less than $50. You better believe that the next time we have a plumbing problem, we are going to call these same people again.

How have your experiences with plumbers been? Did you rely on personal recommendations, Yelp, or throw a dart at a phone book?

13 thoughts on “Our New Plumber

  1. Thats one nice plumber. As i was reading, I was expecting that something was to go wrong but it did not. Personal finance blogs like these gives me hope that there are a lot of good people out there. Who will not take advantage and will do the right thing. Just like that plumber.

    1. Hi Jeff, Yes, we were very pleased. I felt I had to write about it to show that there are good people and workers out there. The trick is to find them. Yelp was very helpful in that respect.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    1. Hi Jen, I hope we don’t need a plumber anytime soon. But these guys were so good that I had to write about it.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. I can definitely see why they were so highly rated – that plumber has something so many businesses forget about these days – customer service. Not only did you get a phone call telling you that he’d be late, but they were prepared to knock your bill down. That’s simply unheard of these days – do you think they’d come to my neighborhood???

  3. Luckily (knock on wood!) I haven’t had to call a plumber since we moved into our first home, but in a rental we had some plumbing issues and we just dealt with them ourselves. They were minor enough that we could handle them, and we didn’t want to call somebody in because one time somebody who was fixing an appliance let our dog out and she went missing for the afternoon.

    I do rely quite heavily for other services on Yelp and similar sites, though.

    1. Hi Daisy, I’m glad your dog didn’t run completely away. When I rented, I usually called the management to fix things, but I didn’t have any pets to worry about.

      We have found Yelp to be one of the most helpful resources to aid us in finding quality service, from restaurants to plumbers.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  4. Any chance you live on Long Island?! That is some ridiculous service you don’t hear from that often.

    The Wife and I have never gone to yelp to find someone. Instead we usually get recommendations and then are disappointed lol

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