Lost Jacket

lost jacketWhat is the deal with kids losing clothes? Our son got back from a sleep away summer camp a few weeks ago. During the process of doing laundry, we discovered that he returned without his jacket. This is the second time he has come back from camp without his jacket.

I was glad to hear my wife ask him what he was planning to do about it. She listed his two choices,

  1. Email the camp organizer and ask if his jacket is in lost and found. If it is, he will have to arrange for picking up his jacket or for having it sent to us. (The camp headquarters is 17 miles away from our house, although it is only 5.5 miles from our workplace.)
  2. Buy a new jacket.

We had hoped it would be in the camp’s lost and found, but apparently not. It appears that later this year, when it is time to buy a new jacket, he will learn that clothes and especially jackets are not necessarily cheap.

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  1. On the plus side, we didn’t actually pay for the jacket in the first place- it was one of many, many hand-me-downs we have had over the years. I will probably let him look at the thrift store first, as that would be much more budget friendly (the kids outerwear stuff is actually often in good shape, because kids really don’t use their jackets *that* many times before they outgrow them (at least in our moderate climate).

    1. @turn one pound into one million, I don’t remember all the things our son has lost at school. I do remember pawing through the lost-and-found box several times looking for his jacket or hat. As my wife pointed out, this jacket was given to us for free, but we plan to still make him buy a new replacement this fall. Hopefully he will learn to value his clothes and other items more.
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    1. @Troy, I think it is the same for all kids. We are just hoping to minimize the loses. Have you ever read the comic, Zits? Our kid is getting into that stage now.

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