Carnival Listings in Week of October 13, 2013

small-paradeOur post, “Do You Hide Things From Your Spouse?” was listed in the Yakezie Carnival – Editor’s Choice Edition. Other posts that I liked were

Our Nightmare on Rental Street: Evicting a Tenant was an interesting post about the correct way to deal with a dead beat tenant: keep good records, and take them to court.

How Not to Negotiate a Job Offer is a post about interviewing at a large firm, getting an offer letter, and trying to negotiate a higher salary and more vacation that didn’t pan out. At least he did get the job.

Our post, “Things I Would Tell a Young Investor” was listed in the Financial Carnival for Young Adults. Other posts in the carnival that I liked were

6 Reasons Your Stuff is Worth Less Than You Think is an interesting post about why our belongings have more worth to us than they do to other people.

Ideas to Save Money and Save the Environment gives 4 ways to use less resources.

Our post, “Best Prices for Books” was listed in the Festival Of Frugality #403 – My First Carnival Edition! I like the Festival of Frugality. There are so many great tips on saving money. A couple of my favorite posts were

Are you Throwing Money Away? If You do These 3 Things, Yes, is an article that lists 3 big things that people buy or do that end up unnecessarily costing quite a bit of money in the long run.

Investments that aren’t really a very good Investment talks about things people buy into that most often end up costing a lot of money, and in some cases are just plain scams.

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