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Adios to Motorcycles

bf-roadracingMy wife recently posted some throwback Thursday photos of me from the early 80s when I did some amateur roadracing. It was a lot of fun, but it was also expensive. I gave it up because it was at the time that I was just starting college. I think we can all agree that studying and learning needs to be a person’s main focus while in college, and that expensive extra-curricular activities, like roadracing, typically need to be put on hold.

When I finished college, I sold my old race bike and moved to Silicon Valley. After I landed my career job as a mechanical engineer, I took up amateur roadracing again as a hobby. But after a near crash at 150 mph, I decided to give that hobby a permanent rest.

saline-valleyAlong with roadracing, I also used to go dirtbiking with several friends from work. We road in all the off-road vehicle areas within a day’s drive of Silicon Valley. We also did a lot of riding in the Mojave Desert, Imperial Valley, and Baja California. We felt very adventuresome while riding the Baja 500 course. The picture to the right is in the White Mountains, looking back toward Saline and Death Valley.

Finally, I used to regularly commute to work on various motorcycles that I owned. I could ride in the car pool lanes, and get to work a lot faster than if I were driving in a car. I also got great gas mileage on the motorcycles. My old Honda XL-600 used to average more than 60 mpg.

Due to my failing health, though, I gave up all types of motorcycle riding a few years ago. My bones have become brittle, and I find that I bruise a lot easier than I used to.

I do not know how much money I am saving by giving up motorcycle riding. Roadracing was a very expensive hobby. Tires were more than $100 each. Crashing a motorcycle could cost in the thousands. I blew up the top end of my old RD-400, shown in the top pictures, a few times. Each blow up necessitated a complete rebuild of the engine. For those who care, I also roadraced a GSXR-750 at Sears Point and Willow Springs in the mid 80s.

Dirt-bike trips were not all that expensive. The cost was similar to a regular camping trip, but the wear and tear on my body could be pretty high.

So at this point in my life, I have to say, “Adios motorcycles. It’s been fun, but also dangerous and expensive.”

Have you had to give up a hobby due to cost or your age/health?

When Gas Gets Expensive

With the increasing cost of transportation, I have been seeing more and more young people stating a desire to get a scooter. As I have written before, I have gone back to riding my old motorcycle.

I am curious how things could be if gas was even more expensive.

Check out this scooter traffic in Saigon.


If we lived closer to work, or I was in a lot better shape, I would consider riding my bicycle to work. (Our commute is 13 miles each way.) I like this bike lane in Copenhagen.

They tend to mix bicycles, mopeds, and scooters in China.

Of course if you try hard, you can carry your necessities on your motorcycle or bicycle. The one on the left is a washing machine. The one on the right is a refrigerator.

I personally like the idea of carrying a bicycle on my motorcycle. I have seen a person with this sort of setup in the area. I am not sure why, but the idea is just cool.