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My Wife Moves into Upper Management

upper-managementMy wife’s boss moved to another company last month. My wife was a natural to take over the now-vacant position, and after a bit of politics where an unqualified person with seniority also vied for the position, she got the job. Her new position is Analysis Group Lead of the Vibrations Division of the Space and Defense Group.

The good news is that she got a salary increase due to the new position, a year-end profit-sharing bonus, and a decent annual raise. The bad news is that the new position has more stress, requires more work, and more of her time. In just a couple weeks, she will fly to Dublin, Ireland to train our company’s workers at that site to perform coupled loads analysis. I won’t go into detail on what that means, other than it is a way to numerically model the acceleration and loads a spacecraft will see during launch before the spacecraft is even built.

After working with the analysis team in Dublin, she will be attending a meeting with European Space Agency representatives in Denmark.

For a little while, she was scheduled to fly out of Paris, France, and she was hoping to have at least a half day to sight see. Unfortunately, that plan got nixed, and she will just fly back home from Dublin. My wife will not be paid for her flight time, either, due to a budgeting error by the previous manager.

So, on the bright side, my wife got a substantial pay raise, and will not have an unqualified person telling her what to do. But she will be busier, work more hours, and probably have more stress. We are hoping, however, that as things settle down, she will be able to flourish in this new upper management position.

Happy 2015 to all.