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How Often Do You Backup Your Computer?

backup-keyThere are several adages I have learned over the years with respect to computers.

  1. Save your work often. I hit the save key every time I get to a point in my work where I know I would be upset if that  work were to disappear.
  2. Backup your files. You should have multiple backup copies of important files.
  3. Murphy’s Law is in full force WRT computers. The most likely time for a computer to fail is when you need it the most.

Most people I know have multiple computers in their house. We have

Quantity Type Operating System
2 Laptop Windows 7
1 Desktop Windows 7
1 Desktop Xubuntu Linux 14.04
2 Mac Mini Mac OS X Snow Leopard
1 Tablet Android 4.4
1 Smartphone Android 4.3

The Windows computers send backups of all User files to the Linux server once a day. I don’t bother backing up the Mac Minis because their only function is to act as a video server. There are no user files on the Mac Minis. The Android tablet and smartphone data are stored in the Google cloud. And the Linux server backs itself up to a USB-mounted hard disk.

Because the backup data on the Linux server can be invaluable (at least to us), I keep two external backup disks of the data files. I additionally upload our family pictures that are stored on the Linux server to a box.com cloud account.

Finally, all our important documents, such as federal and state tax forms, are printed out and kept in a file cabinet.

Because I am a computer geek, I use a program called rsync to backup the Windows and Linux computers. Rsync can be told to copy only the changed parts of any files to another disk or computer. The Linux computer uses an additional program, called rsnapshot, to create daily incremental backups. The incremental backup system is set up to allow me to recover deleted or corrupted files for up to 3 months.

I know my backup system is overkill for most people, but you should at least backup your important files (files you would be upset if lost) to an external hard disk or thumb drive. Both Windows and Mac OS X come with backup programs called Windows Backup and Time Machine, respectively). If you do not have an external backup disk, give yourself an early Christmas present and purchase one. Make sure it has enough storage to hold everything on your computer hard disk. I see on amazon.com that 1-TB (terabyte) external hard disks cost around $60. A 5-TB external Seagate hard disk is $150. How do these prices compare to how much your data is worth?

Remember that Murphy’s Law is always waiting to take out  your valuable data at the most inopportune time. Don’t let it happen to you. Please backup your computer data.

When did you last backup your computer?